Frioni Fencing

In 2018, Bob Frione developed a line of custom metal fabrication- specializing in exterior patio fencing. We have laser capability to put your logo on the fencing as well as host stands, wait stations, and waste receptacle’s. We also can make an eating counter as well as communal table bases with your logo.

CT Barrier Patio Decking

CT Patio Barriers

Tin Building
Dallas BBQ New York, NY
Welly’s Hudson, MA
Wormtown Brewery Patriot Place, MA
Mondo’s Customized Patio Fencing Middletown, Ct
B. Good Customized Eating Counter With Menu Display MA
Grand Apizza Customized Patio Fencing With Menu Display Madison, CT
Bar Louie Customized Fencing West Hartford, CT
LeMacaron Custom Communal table base
LeMacaron Custom Communal table base
Top Donut Custom Communal Table Base
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is backlit-octopus-1-1.jpegMonster Bar New York, Ny
Jean George Fulton / Pier 17- banquettes, screen booth dividers.
Jean George Fulton / Pier 17- screen/glass room dividers, doors.
Hyundai Genesis showroom / 10th ave.- Corten steel “door wall”, including stainless

    steel hinges. Ceiling “cloud” system developed by Axis.
Spyscape NYC- Curved Corten wall panels on security “Drum”. 20′ high by 60′ diameter.
Wine Spectator / Hudson yards- Art glass windows 15′ high x 3′ wide.
Glass assembly method unique and proprietary to Axis, combining different textures into one panel.
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